Interview: Steven Fairweather [Gob]

Interview: Steven Fairweather [Gob]

We catch up with Steven Fairweather, the bassist of Gob – the Canadian punk band who everyone loves. Steven discusses his radio show, his love for NY, and Gob’s success for longevity below.

IM: Reprints or Vinyl pressings are getting really popular these days. Are there any plans for Gob to issue anything like that for the next anniversary?

Steven Fairweather: Yeah, one really cool thing about being in a band thats been around as long as Gob has is that you start getting you rights back to your own records. So that is something we really stoked on. As it then gives us the freedom to repress the old releases into vinyl and do special things for the Re-releases on top of that. Youre right there has been a spike it fans being into vinyl, which is awesome to see.

It’s been a few years since we last seen or heard from Gob. Is the band planning to write or tour soon? How difficult is it for everyone in the band, with different schedules and commitments, and in different cities, to write and record together?

The thing is, you just have to be more strategic with your time. Tom (Thacker) and I are living in New York with Gabe (Mantle) and Theo (Goutzinakis) are in Vancouver, so we are looking at recording again soon and touring with hopefully some festivals here in there, its just that we have to be strategic with tom doing guitar duties in SUM-41.

Back when Gob started, there were tons of other bands who popped up in the scene but most no longer around today. What do you think is Gob’s secret to staying together, and staying relevant?

I think its the same things that are key attributes in any relationship to work or not work. It’s about being compatible with each other, ( you have to All be somewhat different for a group to work I feel, its kind of like Ghostbusters or the TV show A-Team distinct personalities coming together, work best ) its knowing yourself and the other guys really well. Just all your clich stuff that goes into a relationship because thats what it is a relationship with three other guys where you all create something together. But at the end of the day just loving each other and having respect for each other are always the seeds for longevity.

Are you writing any music for a follow up to your solo album, “Visitors”? Do you think you will get another band started during Gob’s downtime?

Yeah Im always writing songs for the solo stuff if theyre going to make it on the album or not still yet to be seen but always writing Im not sure if I start another band playing Gob and my little solo songs kind of scratch those pictures for me now.

Can you describe your radio show to all those outside of the states who haven’t heard it yet?

The songs that made you laugh the songs that made you cry and the songs that saved your life! haha. No , I would describe it as a chance for me to play all the songs that Im feeling. Likemaking a mix tape for someone you have a crush on, but I get to do it bi weekly so its everything from punk to do wop from soul to folk music. I always talk a little shit and have fun with it.

You reference a lot of characters from comedies and old films, which gets us thinking – do you dig the new shows and films today?

Oh man probably a little too much I go to the movies every week here in the city I try to see all of them and I also had a huge issue with TV shows its just the past 10 years some of the best rating and storytelling is on television nowadays.

What attracted you to the Big Apple? How much of a difference is it between Vancouver, when it comes to doing what you do?

I started visiting New York City about 10 years ago or so. I would come and visit Tom and his wife and it instantly was a love affair. The thing that attracted me to it is just the fact that everything is at your fingertips the energy of the place. How kind people are here. People have an idea New Yorkers are kind but its totally not true! They may not be polite but they are the kindest people Ive ever met.

Who are some guests you would like to appear on your radio show, if any?

I would always like to keep it with friends like on my very first show I had one of my favorite singers, Ashley Shadow, as a guest to interview. So I always like to try and keep it at least for now with friends I just happen to be also rad musicians and talented artists.

What are your most anticipated new releases of 2018?

To be honest I dont really have my finger on the pulse of new music coming out which is something I would love to change. But off the top of my head the new Black Rebel motorcycle club and I believe my bloody Valentine is putting out a new record this year, which I have high high hopes for.

If you can only recommend 5 songs to your listeners, what are those treasured 5?

Good question! Thats a tough do I go with songs that I dont think they know, to introduce something that I love but to them may be unknown, or do I list some Classics, or do I show the full spectrum of the show? Haha. Im not sure but these are five songs that Im really in love with right now:

Descendents – Bikeage
Ike & Tina turner – a love like your
Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club – mercy
Nine Pound Shadow – Melody
Sunny Day Real Estate – Pillars


Check out Steven’s website here
Listen to his radio show!

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