Punchline Delightfully Pleased Second Pressing

Punchline Delightfully Pleased Second Pressing

A second pressing of Punchline’s full length album, Delightfully Pleased, is available through TDR Records and Modern Short Stories as part of its 5th anniversary. The new run is limited to 159 copies on 180-gram wax, with an insert and protective sleeve included. Click here to purchase it before it runs out!

Side A:
1. Seventy
2. The Reinventor
3. 21 Forever
4. Greatest. Party. Ever.
5. Roller Coaster Smoke
6. Into The Mouth

Side B:
1. Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want
2. Keystoned
3. No Significant Other
4. Coyotes In B Major
5. A Universal Theme

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