Bullet Tooth release free album sampler

Bullet Tooth release free album sampler

Bullet Tooth have released their new summer album sampler presented by Revolver Magazine. The album sampler features unreleased tracks by Affiance, The Paramedic, I Omega, Gamma Pulse and Save The Clock Tower, plus new songs from Death Ray Vision, Serianna, The Smoking Hearts and NightShade.

Head on over to http://www.BulletTooth.com/download to get your copy, or stream it on YouTube!

Track listing:
01) Affiance – Limitless
From the album “Blackout” coming 9/23/14

02) The Paramedic – Have A Nice Day
From the album “Diary Of My Demons” coming 8/12/14

03) I, Omega – An Evening With Morning Star (Act. II)
From the album “Transients” coming 7/15/14

04) Gamma Pulse – Metanoia
From the album “Dead But Dreaming” coming this Fall

05) Save The Clock Tower – Swan’s Song
From the album “Wasteland” coming 7/1/14

06) Death Ray Vision – Condemned When You Were Born
From the album “We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’” out now

07) Serianna – Define Yourself
From the album “Define Me” out now

08) The Smoking Hearts – Stomper
From the album “Victory!” out now

09) NightShade – Amiss Desire
From the album “An Endless Vision” out now

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