Feature: My Most memorable appearances in a music video

Feature: My Most memorable appearances in a music video

I don’t watch music videos as often anymore but I remember spending quite a few hours doing that when I was younger to check out bands and new music. Other than Napster, that was my avenue to discovering great music. Over the years, some videos made an impression through their emotional storylines, or cameos. Here’s 5 videos with appearances my celebrities that stuck with me.

Hilarie Burton as Peyton Sawyer in Jack’s Mannequin’s The Mixed Tape

This brings back so much memories. One Tree Hill was one of my favorite TV series, and Peyton Sawyer was a character who inspired me. Both of us portray our emotions through art and music. It’s hard to explain the association / connection to a fictional character, but I suppose our obsession of music felt real, and me feel that Peyton could be my best friend in my childish mind. Fast forward 10+ years, I do not own a rock club like how Peyton owned TRIC. But I own a music website, and am a writer. Without Peyton, I would not have persisted or put this in reality.

Milla Jovovich in Alkaline Trio’s I Wanna Be A Warhol

The Resident Evil queen is a friend of Matt Skiba’s and it is not surprising she appeared in the band’s video for the first single off their album, “My Shame is True”. The video had a disturbing vibe where Milla Jovovich was being stalked through the peep hole, but she pulled it off. Kat Von D actually appeared in Alkaline Trio’s video for “Help Me”, but Milla Jovovich left a deeper impression on me.

Elisha Cuthbert in The Gaslight Anthem’s Here Comes My Man

The girl next door, or THAT girl from 24 plays the character who fantasizes that she is with the perfect man of her dreams, only to realize it wasn’t to be in reality. I’m a huge fan of The Gaslight Anthem and I was a fan of 24. Put 2 together, and there’s the perfect combination of appeal.

Olivia Wilde in Dashboard Confessional’s Stolen

Take it back to the Year 2009, before Olivia Wilde was as famous as she is today. Stolen is in my opinion, one of Dashboard Confessional’s sweetest song in their catalog and the video doesn’t disappoint. Olivia Wilde plays the character who found her true love in a childhood sweetheart.

Marisa Miller in Puddle of Mudd’s Spin You Around

I’m not a fan of the band, and I have no idea why the ex Victoria Secrets model played as Wes Scantlin’s childhood crush in the video. Nonetheless it was surprising to watch her in it. It is a honorable mention in the list just because of this reason.


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