Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened – my thoughts

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened – my thoughts

I am not in the business of reviewing movies/tv shows/ documentaries. If I did, i will have to quit my day job and write about everything full time and yet hope to not starve from hunger. Since I watched the Netflix documentary on the doomed Fyre Festival. Why waste not publishing my 2 cents worth since I watched it right?

The enablers of Fraud: Everyone.
Why? As rightfully pointed out by Jillionaire, the beautiful Instagram lives do not exist. If anything, everyone is living a hard life. That’s authenticity. If someone tries to sell you something that sounds fantastic, please run and call the police like how you would to a MLM or Ponzi scheme.

The advertising companies and the influencers are equally liable. It’s all time low to delete comments – yes, f***jerry (I have a bad vibe if you name a company, f***jerry, so it’s truly not helping), that’s on you. Justice will be served the day we can remove the idea of influencers from the equation altogether. What do these influencers contribute to society? Absolutely Nothing, Nada, Zilch. Kosong.

The other take away is that one should not be working for a boss like Billy McFarland or Grant Margolin. If there is a red flag i.e. not getting paid on time, please just quit, run and report to the relevant authorities. Tangible items such as salary is more important than a hope in a product that you are working on. If anything, this documentary taught us that we should be questioning our bosses even more. Whistle-blowing does not apply to solely folks in the finance industry.

It is a huge joke to listen to Ja Rule denying that this is not fraud at the end of it all, but mere false advertising at the end of the day. I am not yet legally trained, but this is definitely not false advertising. This is such a huge joke I forgot to laugh – literally.

Billy McFarland needs to be jailed for 60 years, not 6. He comes across as a compulsive liar; even stayed in a freaking penthouse while on bail and started another fraud while on bail. OMG. Please keep this person in jail forever for the sake of humanity.

I tried to feel sorry for the rich attendees who got scammed, but unfortunately, I couldn’t and burst out laughing. Do they deserve it? Probably to a 90% yes on my meter. There were so many red flags, beginning from nothing being shared so close to the festival, and more money has to be put in prior. USD 300 per day in a RFID tag – that’s just ridiculous. The local Bahamians are those that truly deserve sympathy at the end of it all. They all worked without being paid.

Is Carola Jain still in the investing business? I sure as hell do hope she has stopped – obviously she has no acumen for this. Any banks or finance companies reading this post by any chance?

Watch the trailer below. If you have a Netflix account, just invest 2 hours of your time in the documentary.

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