Most Anticipated Albums 2019

Most Anticipated Albums 2019

I have not been writing much due to work commitments (yes, I have a day job), studies and writing on Radio13. Since it’s a new day of the new year, I thought I will share what are my most anticipated albums of 2019. Some of these bands accompanied my angsty teenage years so it’s always nice to hear something new from them again – hey, if they can stay as a band for so many years, what’s stopping me from continuing to write?

Rammstein – TBA

The untitled album with a yet to be released date is 10 years following the release of the band’s previous studio effort. What’s not to be excited about?

Slipknot – TBA

Just take a listen to the new track, “All Out Life”. Are the old Slipknot fans happy?

Bring Me The Horizon – Amo (Jan 25)

Constantly inventive, this band fuses pop-hooks to their blend of rock. I admit I’m hooked on Mantra.

Jimmy Eat World – TBA

Emo rock’s beloved uncles will be back with a follow up to 2016’s “Integrity Blues”. I don’t need “The Middle”, but it would be nice to have another “Movielife” written.

Blink 182 – TBA??

Weren’t they recording new tracks back in April 2018? I sure hope that they drop a new album this year.

Lacuna Coil – TBA

My favourite contralto vocalist, Cristina Scabbia, frontwoman of LC and all around bad ass, confirmed that there is a new Lacuna Coil album dropping this year.

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